Unlock Your Earning Potential: Get Paid for Reviewing Apps Today!

1. Introduction

The cell phone has turned into a necessary apparatus which is utilized for a number of undertakings for a person or a business. A standout amongst the most mainstream and normal approaches to use cell phones is by downloading versatile applications which are useful, exciting, time sparing and anything is possible from there. At one time, it was tough to browse and find new versatile applications. In late 2008 the pioneering vocation of versatile application improvement took off as an open advertisement determination for respectable companies and developers to distribute their mobile applications to the gadget mono repository. This has brought about the presence of immense amounts of uses, making a test for the consumer to find and pick the applications that will profit them the most. Internet based App stores, some of which sorts and order customer application audits, soon discovered the difficulty in customers’ choices to download at a higher efficiency rate. It is here where an open door rose for people to seek after a new vocation by appraising and surveying applications for themselves and in the long run getting paid to do as such. This opens up a ramification of profits for both the customer and the reviewer, which this E-Book will undoubtedly illustrate in the accompanying segments.

An application reviewer is a person who utilizes applications and after that gives a straight to the point and blunt analysis of the application’s preferences and downsides with an endeavor to help other probable buyers and or help out the developer to enhance their application. This vocation can be managed by an extensive number old enough groups and backgrounds and includes low maintenance work and money earning chance for individuals with incapacities. With expectations of getting paid to survey a boundless measure of applications, buyers and sellers apparently have favored stake from application reviewing, on the other hand when contrasted to different paid survey choices. This is the profit and preference of the reviewer and consumer.

1.1 Overview of App Reviewing

App reviewing is a simple and easy way to earn money. Using a working computer, a smartphone or any other mobile device and internet connectivity, you are already technically equipped to carry out app reviewing. Age limit is also not a problem here as the minimum age requirement is only 16 years old. App reviewing is usually done in spare times at your own convenience and therefore can be considered as a part-time job for extra pocket money. Normally, app review jobs do not have fixed working hours and it is entirely up to the reviewer to carry out the task anytime he/she wishes. This type of job can also be a good starting point for school leavers or college/university students who are in need of work experience in the IT industry.

Most app review tasks can be easily achieved by anyone as it only involves simple steps to complete. Task instructions are usually given clearly so that reviewers will have no problem in carrying out the given task. A typical app review job involves installing an app to your mobile device, trying it out for a certain period of time, and then writing a descriptive review and rating of the app. Some app reviews may require proof of purchase from app stores for verification. Step-wise details will be provided for payment and it can be easily carried out using services like PayPal, AlertPay, or Liberty Reserve. Payment is usually done in a timely manner as long as you complete and submit your app review tasks according to the given instructions. There are also cases where app review companies may select a few top reviewers and offer them better payment rates on further review tasks.

1.2 Benefits of App Reviewing

App reviewing can be a fun way to earn some extra cash. After a long day of exploring the vast World Wide Web, I have happened upon a true unique gem. I discovered that through app reviewing, online individuals can earn a relatively nice income sharing their knowledge helping developers improve their creations. Now you may think how in the world can I make money by doing this? Well it’s rather simple really. There are a few ways individuals can benefit monetarily from app reviewing. One method paying between $10 and $40 is through submitting a written review. Review writing assignments can be found on major job boards such as oDesk or various forums dedicated to webmaster and developer needs. If you happen to be a skilled reviewer who can write an insightful opinion of an app, this method may very well be a winner. Written app reviews could be anywhere from 100 to 1000 words, it varies by assignment. Another review method paying similar price is through recording a video review. Video reviews can be done with simple recording devices such as a webcam. A charismatic reviewer who can make entertaining videos may find this to be an enjoyable way to earn money… but don’t go doing cartwheels just yet!

Another way to monetize through app reviewing is through participating in a review-a-thon. A review-a-thon is a contest held by app review websites lasting usually between 1-2 weeks. The basic idea of the event is for participating reviewers to write quality app reviews helping to build up the site’s review inventory. The participants will then be rewarded based on their review output throughout the event. This method can be enjoyable for competitive individuals and usually pays a rate of $1 to $5 per review, sometimes more. During my earlier days working for an app review site, I found review-a-thons to be surprisingly fun and quite lucrative at times. This is a great way to help developers while earning some quick and easy cash.

1.3 How to Get Started

Once you have made the decision to start earning an income through app reviewing, you need to decide what type of reviewing you want to do. As mentioned earlier, most app reviewing is subjective, but there are some companies that will pay individuals to review their app in a more detailed manner, testing functionality and usability of specific features. These types of opportunities are more difficult to come by and will generally require a good understanding of technology and the internet. Any written feedback will generally be delivered in the form of a report, rather than a review published to a website. If this is something that interests you, you may want to consider seeking app review jobs within web development or marketing companies. If you’re unsure where to start looking for app review jobs, a simple solution is to make use of Google and other search engines to seek out websites and companies that are looking for people to review their apps. As app reviewing becomes a more popular method of income, there are more and more app review job opportunities becoming available.

While paid app reviewing jobs are quite desirable, there are also other methods of Begin earning by reviewing apps – click here to start! money without spending hours of your time writing a review for a few dollars. A popular method for those who want to review apps in their own spare time is to sign up for survey websites or participate in online focus groups that will often ask you to review an app. Rewards for these can vary; however, they require minimal time and effort and are a more casual way of earning money by someone who is not overly committed. An alternative method is to enter into app review competitions; many app review websites will run regular competitions with cash or app reward prizes for the best app review submission. Both of these methods generally provide non-consistent work, so it may be a good idea to sign up with multiple survey websites and app review competition mail lists to keep a frequent flow of small earning app reviewing opportunities.

2. App Reviewing Techniques

2.2 Testing Functionality and Performance

Functionality and performance are key aspects of any app. A very simple app that achieves a small task can still be rendered useless if it does not function as intended. Now is the time to thoroughly test the app and all of its features. If the app has a specific purpose e.g. a news app has to deliver news articles, try to determine how easy it is to complete this purpose and whether the app succeeds in doing so. A great way to provide feedback on this is to use the app’s features as a basis for your review and provide feedback directly after using each feature.

Now evaluate the UI by comparing the screenshots taken with other similar apps within the same app category. Discuss what you feel the app has done right as well as what it has done wrong. This information can be conveyed in a pros and cons or strengths and weaknesses list or perhaps even a simple feature comparison tick chart. When talking through design, always keep in mind the target audience and the app’s purpose. A news app designed for over 50s will have a vastly different UI to a news app designed for teens.

2.1 Evaluating User Interface and Design

Start the review by providing the name of the app and its company along with a brief summary, between 4-6 sentences, of the app’s purpose and function. It may also be helpful to categorize or classify the app by its function i.e. News, Lifestyle, Game etc. and indicate its intended target audience. This provides the developer with a benchmark by which they can compare your feedback now and in the future. At this stage, it would also be beneficial to take screenshots of the app’s user interface and design to provide various visual examples. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Apps come in a variety of styles and are designed for many uses. The app may be designed to entertain, inform, enable, support business or even provide a service that may be implemented offline or online. As such, apps are very diverse and require a different review approach to other software or products. The following is a guide on how to review an app to understand the needs of the developer and their target audience.

2.1 Evaluating User Interface and Design

Another good way to gauge user interface and design is to consider the app’s navigation and its learnability. Navigation is the ability to move through the app with ease to find what you want. This is very important for all apps, as nobody wants to be spending time trying to figure out how to get to something. The easier it is to find things, the more likely users are to continue using the app. An app with good navigation will allow you to accomplish tasks more quickly and easily than you could on an app with poor navigation. If you often find yourself lost and asking “now where did I find this last time?” then the navigation is not adequate. High learnability is closely related to navigation and ties in heavily with efficiency. A highly learnable app is easy to figure out how it works, as the functions are usually quite intuitive. Users will often become frustrated if they have to read a long instruction manual or learn what all the different functions do. Ideally, most people want to be able to pick up an app and start using it effectively without having to do any learning.

One way to gain a good understanding of an app’s UI and design is to start off by creating some general observations. Take note of your first impressions, as this is usually the sort of thing that users will notice first. If you have a specific opinion in mind before even looking at the interface, jot it down as it may affect how you feel after using the app. You will also want to consider whether or not the design is appropriate for the app’s purpose. For example, an app aimed at children should have a vastly different design compared to an app designed for professionals. Finally, take note of how the app makes you feel. This is a somewhat arbitrary attribute, but the way an app makes you feel can be heavily influenced by its design. If you feel that an app should be making you happy, but the design makes you feel sad, then it is not doing a good job of matching the design to its purpose.

There is no question that user interface and design are two of the most important factors when it comes to creating a successful app. Because they are often the first thing users notice, they are the “make or break” components that can determine an app’s success. A confusing interface or poor design will turn users off, while an attractive interface and attractive design can make users want to use the app again and again. In order to evaluate user interface and design, you will need to consider a variety of attributes.

2.2 Testing Functionality and Performance

The key aspect of analyzing the functionality of an application is to make sure that the app does what it is intended to do, and does it well. Start off by taking a look at the user manual, help screens, or any sort of guidance that the application provides. Try to take on the role of a new user and see if the instructions given are sufficient. Developers tend to be blind to what the users might expect their application to do, so it is key to explore all avenues and possibilities when testing to make sure that you don’t miss anything. If the application has a specific purpose (to solve a certain equation, play a specific game, etc.), make sure that it does so without errors. If the app is intended to behave the same way multiple times, make sure that it does so and isn’t just a one-hit wonder. Making a checklist of all the functions that the app is intended to do is an effective way to go about this, to make sure that you don’t miss anything. If the application is a game, an effective way of testing the functionality would be to play it. This may sound simplistic, but it is very easy to identify any problems or things that could be improved just by experiencing it firsthand. Often at this stage, you will identify errors or parts of the application that could be done more efficiently. It is key to take notes of everything that you find so that this feedback can be reported to the developer.

2.3 Analyzing User Experience

To evaluate functionality, it is important to ascertain that the app is useful in assisting its intended purpose. The app must have a clear goal in which it is created to fulfill a certain need or desire. For example, the functionality of a game app would be to provide entertainment and enjoyment. The degree of success in functionality can be quite easily gauged by comparing the intended goal and actual result after using the app. If the result does not match the intended goal, then it is likely that the app has poor functionality. An app with good functionality, however, will have success in what it’s trying to achieve. This can greatly satisfy users as they will feel that the app is efficient in providing a service and doesn’t waste any of their time. Steps can be taken to create better functionality, such as implementing features to automate specific tasks in the case of a productivity app. This can essentially improve the quality of user experience as user satisfaction is directly related to achievement and efficiency.

A good experience is a bit hard to define as it is rather abstract and can be interpreted differently from one user to another. However, based on the general consensus of most users, user experience can be classified as comfortable, enjoyable, easy to understand, and responsive. To analyze user experience, it is best to go through the top-down approach, starting by evaluating functionality, then moving on to the more subjective characteristic, ease of use and enjoyment.

Evaluating user experience is another essential element to an app’s quality. In usual cases, regular users tend to review and make a judgment on an app based on a first-time experience. The duration of app usage in the first experience may vary; however, the result is undeniably significant. The user would ordinarily uninstall the app if it comes unsuccessful in providing a good experience. This is the reason why analyzing user experience is crucial, as developers are aiming to provide satisfaction to the users. If their app fails to capture them in the first-time use, it is very likely that the user will not touch the app again.

2.4 Providing Constructive Feedback

Alert yourself to the kind of feedback you give when reviewing an app. Develop understanding that the most insightful feedback is that which offers useful suggestions for improvement. Try to avoid negative reinforcement statements, such as “This app is terrible.” Instead, convey your thoughts in a more affirmative tone. For example, “This app has potential, but there are a few changes I would suggest.” Statements such as these indicate to the developer that there is hope to win your interest, but that the app still has some shortcomings to overcome. Always follow a bug report with some form of possible solution that the developer could apply. A clear report of a problem with known solution is a great way to let the developer know that his work is valued. A picture is worth a thousand words and the same can be said for providing a screenshot to the developer when detailing an error or design flaw. This offers irrefutable evidence of an issue and is the easiest way for a developer to locate and resolve the problem.

Lastly, always keep in mind the feelings of the developer on the receiving end of your feedback. Bear in mind the fact that you are appraising the hard work of a real person and not some faceless corporation. What you write can have a real impact on that person, so phrase your feedback in a way that fosters encouragement and facilitates improvement, not in a way that will disillusion the developer from further effort. This type of feedback can be overlooked and undervalued, but provided you make a conscious effort, it is far more valuable than the $0.02 you would earn for pointing out some typos in a survey.

By implementing these techniques, you can master the art of delivering feedback that will prove beneficial to the developer and greatly improve your credibility as a reviewer.

3. Maximizing Earnings as an App Reviewer

Building a reputation as a trusted reviewer is important for long-term app review earnings. If you are only reviewing an app once because it was a high paying opportunity, then you are unlikely to receive similar pay from the same app developer in the future. On the other hand, if the developer remembers you as someone who took the time to do a quality review, then you increase your chances on being solicited for more app review opportunities in the future. E-course instructor and professional blogger David Risley recommends producing a good quality review, posting it on your app review website and then following up with the app developer. He states that you should tell them that you reviewed the app and mention what you liked or didn’t like about the app in the review. Then tell the developer that they can take the review as constructive criticism, and that you would be interested in reviewing any future apps that they develop.

Another way to find high paying review opportunities is to sign up with an app review exchange or subscription service. These services essentially act as a middle man between app developers and app reviewers. They allow developers to post their app review opportunities, as well as the amount of money they are willing to pay for the review. Then they allow app reviewers to search through the available opportunities, sorting them by price, app category and/or app platform. This method can be an efficient way to find a high paying app review, but keep in mind that many of these services take a cut of your earnings as a finders fee.

There are a few strategies for finding these higher paying opportunities. Before doing a review that was not solicited, it never hurts to get in contact with the app developer and see if they have any app review opportunities available. Sometimes simply asking can lead to free promotional materials, or in the case of a paid review a free copy of the app or even some extra cash. If the developer is offering a small sum for the review, do not be afraid to negotiate an honest pay rate that is in line with the amount of time that will be invested to do the review. A review is not worth doing if it will not be able to meet a certain minimum opportunity cost.

When it comes to making money through app reviews, not all review opportunities are created equal. For someone looking to maximize their earnings, it’s important to seek out higher paying opportunities from the start. Higher paying review opportunities usually come from developers with bigger budgets, or from companies that are marketing an app or service targeted toward a wealthier consumer base.

3.1 Finding High-Paying App Review Opportunities

Looking for companies willing to pay more for your expert opinion? Try using the following tactics: contact app developing start-ups. Start-up companies are more likely to be flexible with payment arrangements. Instead of offering money upfront, start-ups might offer equity in the company or free products. While this doesn’t sound like an ideal situation, reviewing free products might benefit you greatly in the long run. Reviewing a developer’s product early on could lead to continuous work as the developer continues to create new products. And who doesn’t like free stuff? Check out freelance positions within bigger companies. Using freelancing search engines, look for part-time or temporary positions doing app review. Although it may take a while to find a high paying position, these companies are much more likely to offer high pay than smaller companies or start-ups. After searching freelance positions, you may find it worth your time to apply for a full/part-time position within the company. As a consultant to the company, you will play a key role in the development process giving app analysis and expert opinions. This can also lead to a continuous stream of work reviewing different projects.

3.2 Building a Reputation as a Trusted Reviewer

Next, presenting yourself professionally can be done in a variety of ways. You may choose to make your own blog or website if you haven’t already using easy-to-obtain WordPress-style formats, but the true hidden gem of professionalism and an easy way to snag more review work lies in utilizing LinkedIn. Now, LinkedIn is a worldwide professional networking tool and those with even a basic free account can use it to greatly increase their writing opportunities.

Firstly, a simple thing you can do is to ease the users’ fears of dishonest reviews by explaining that you have not been biased or overly positive in a review as a result of a deal or promise of further paid work from a developer. This can happen often when app reviewers are first starting out and are desperate for exposure or any monetary compensation, but it is important to remember that a review is only worthwhile if it is honest and not written under any sort of pretense. Over time, as you find more work and more experience, you will be able to easily tell which apps and developers are worth talking to, and you may find that the well-written reviews of their app are incentive enough for them to offer you further work at an increased rate.

Establishing trust with users is crucial in the app review business. As apps are often the investment of time and money, customers want to be sure that they are not wasting their resources on an app, and positive reviews are not just friendly banter. There are various measures you can take to show users that you are a legitimate reviewer who can be taken seriously. This includes dialogue with developers whose apps you are reviewing, presenting yourself in a professional manner, and showing that you have knowledge about what makes a good app.

3.3 Negotiating Compensation for Reviews

After you have secured your review opportunity, your first instinct may be to write the review and collect your pay. However, there are instances where going the extra mile will hold its weight in gold. If the app’s developer has an affiliate program, register to become an affiliate and include your referral link in the review. If readers find your review convincing and click through to the app’s page, you could earn additional income if they install the app. An app with a recurring payment plan could land you a long-term reviewing job. If you are able to get the first month free, consider writing an in-depth review of the app and setting up a subscription before the free month ends. This is particularly useful if the app is one that you would intend to use anyways. With the many options available for review compensation, it is important to choose carefully and remember the amount of effort that each review is worth.

When it comes to negotiating compensation for app reviews, it is important to remember the time and effort that each review takes. Some apps can be reviewed after a few minutes of use, while others require hours of play. When negotiating compensation, it is important to factor in how long the review will take, as well as the amount of effort required. A complex app that requires a thorough review should be compensated accordingly. Reviewing apps with low compensation rates will hinder you from reaching your maximum potential. The idea is to make the best of your time; try to focus on apps that offer a competitive rate. While it is alright to write a quick review for pocket money, remember that you are in this to maximize your earnings. Look for apps with good pay rates, and consider contacting the app’s developer to negotiate a higher rate. High paying review opportunities are often fleeting, so be sure to jump on them with an application or a proposal. When it comes to higher paying reviewing jobs, remember the importance of your professionalism and quality. Apps that are willing to pay a higher rate are expecting a job well done and are more likely to be return customers if they are satisfied with your work. High paying review opportunities are often fleeting, so be sure to jump on them with an application or a proposal. When it comes to higher paying reviewing jobs, remember the importance of your professionalism and quality. Apps that are willing to pay a higher rate are expecting a job well done and are more likely to be return customers if they are satisfied with your work.

3.4 Leveraging Social Media for Promotion

Relationship building and community involvement are key to social media promotion, and the best way to do this is by listening and being responsive. You ought to try to involve the app developers in your review creation process. If you have a substantial social media following, you can offer to involve them by giving free app codes as contest prizes. You can also seek to leverage interview or Q&A opportunities that can be turned into very compelling review content.

As you post links to your review articles on various apps, you can also create social media content that positions you as an expert in the review of that app category. This can add value to you as you negotiate review compensation and also drive traffic directly to your review articles. For example, if you want to focus on reviewing iPhone productivity apps, you can produce Twitter content with quotes, links, and thoughts about iPhone productivity that leads followers to your app reviews and makes them more valuable.

Social media promotion can be an excellent way to promote your app review business, given the inherent compatibility between the two activities. As an app reviewer, you are an internet worker, and social media sites are great ways to connect with potential clients. Additionally, your review content can often be shared directly to social media sites and SN apps in a way that drives traffic back to your site.

3.5 Scaling Your App Reviewing Business

Morning all, last week I posted an article on how a stay at home mum can top up their income by writing mobile app reviews. The response was very strong and I thank everyone for their emails and messages. With that post, I shared how you can make up to $60 an hour writing mobile app reviews and indeed it is an excellent way to earn some money on the side. However, today I want to share some ideas on how you can scale that $60 an hour and reach the potential of making this a full-time job and earning up to $100,000 or more a year. The beauty of scaling this business is that you can put in as many hours a week as you like and reach the income you desire. With those of you who want to just earn some money in your spare time, the last article was suited to you and I will continue to share some top app review opportunities each week. This article today and the ones that follow on mobile app money making will be suited to both part-time and full-time app reviewers.

Think further ahead and build a team.

The end goal is to be earning money while working as minimal hours as possible, allowing more time for things you enjoy doing. To reach this, you should aim to eventually be managing a team of app reviewers.

Recall from the last article, the pay offered for reviewing apps is quite high and could be considered stealing for those living in third world countries. As hilarious as it sounds, this could be an excellent opportunity to outsource.

Imagine hiring somebody for $10 an hour to write mobile app reviews. They would be very satisfied with that pay and you could earn a $50 profit if the review was paying $60. Now if you were achieving 4 or 5 of these reviews a week, this may be the motivation you need to get reviewing yourself and slowly pull away from your day job. It is very realistic to get 4 or 5 high-paying reviews a week if you’re persistent and networking with developers asking for top-paying review opportunities. Whether it be family members, people you know online, or somebody on the other side of the world, there are many people who are capable of writing quality reviews. So long as they have a PayPal account set up and transferring the money to them is no hassle, it is a very viable option to outsource.

4. Tips for Success in App Reviewing

Well crafted tips can considerably increase your success rate when it comes to app reviewing. The goal is to be as effective and efficient as possible. The first tip is to stay up to date with app trends. This involves gaining knowledge about what types of apps are currently popular and what specific functions users are looking for. A reviewer can do this simply by browsing through the app store and checking out the top apps for the week and month. Another approach is to visit various online forums and communities to learn about what certain groups of people are interested in. For example, one might want to learn about what types of apps are popular among teenagers, so they would visit forums specific to that demographic. By gaining this knowledge, a reviewer can determine what types of apps are most worth reviewing, and what features are worth focusing on.

The next tip involves developing effective reviewing techniques. This means having a strategy for gathering information and organizing thoughts in a way that makes writing the review as easy and painless as possible. With experience, a reviewer will figure out their own method for doing this, but there are a few guidelines that can help. While researching an app, it is a good idea to take notes or jot down ideas as they come up, so they are not forgotten later. It also helps to break the reviewing process up into smaller tasks, and focus on one aspect of the app at a time. Starting with a general overview and working down into specifics is usually a good approach.

4.1 Staying Up-to-Date with App Trends

Firstly, having regular contact with app users is a great way to stay informed of app trends. Since app users are the best source of information for app trends, having friends who regularly try new apps can provide valuable information. Engaging in online app communities is also useful. Online app communities such as the official Apple and Android developer forums often have discussions on new trends in app development. Participation in discussions like these can provide valuable insight to an app reviewer. Another method is following app developers via social media. Often developers will tweet or post to inform followers of new projects or app updates. This can provide another inside source to developments within the app development community.

Staying up-to-date with app trends is a vital component of a successful app reviewer. Because app trends change regularly, an app reviewer must be conscious of new trends. This does not only relate to the app categories being reviewed, but also any trends in technology and user interface design as these can have a direct influence on an app’s user ratings. There are a number of methods to staying current with app trends.

4.2 Developing Effective Reviewing Techniques

Secondly, keep in mind one of the most important points: Never solely rely on reviewing one type of app or a specific genre. Always consider the fact that in app reviews, you need to review apps that cater to a variety of audiences. In saying this there will be times where a developer asks you specifically to review their niche app, but remind yourself to try and strike a balance between reviewing niche apps and apps with a broader audience. This will help keep a steady flow of income, as well as provide you with additional apps to compare to in terms of testing functionality and usability.

One of the first things you can do to develop effective reviewing techniques is to think about how many apps you wish to review a day/week, and what a comprehensive review looks like for you. This will help you figure out how much quality and detail you can afford to put into your review, and ensure that you are reviewing within a reasonable time period and not spending too much time on one review. It will also give you some purpose and direction when it comes to the type of apps you wish to review, for example if you want to review 2 apps a day you may choose to review any newly released popular apps.

4.3 Managing Time and Productivity

Plan outlining what you want to achieve and make sure your reviewing sessions are focused. Staying focused can be difficult for tasks like reviewing. It’s easy to forget what the purpose of your review is, and if you don’t have a direct goal, you’re likely to wander off and/or spend too much time reviewing a certain aspect of the app. If you’ve been given multiple apps to review, it can be a good idea to write down what you intend to achieve with each review and decide how long you want to spend on each review. For example, if you’ve been given an app/game that you feel isn’t overly noteworthy, you may decide to only review its key points and spend only half an hour on the review. How much time something is worth reviewing is up to you, but coming up with a rough time frame can help prevent you from spending too much time on one review.

In order to sustainably get paid as an app reviewer, it’s essential that you learn to manage your time and productivity. Those who tend to make little per hour are often the ones that have no discipline or system to their reviewing. They will often download an app, play with it, and then remember they need to review it later. They can’t remember the specifics of the app and will often spend much more time than necessary re-familiarizing themselves with the app. Such a loose system is not only inefficient, it’s frustrating for the reviewer. So here are some tips to maximize the time you spend reviewing.

4.4 Dealing with Negative Feedback and Criticism

Sugarcoating the truth about negative comments and app feedback: no matter how well you do it, it’s hard to swallow. With practice, dealing with negative feedback can be a valuable experience which helps you improve the quality of your reviews and makes you less defensive about the opinions of others. But it’s always going to be a bit off-putting. Being defensive and responding to negative feedback aggressively will only project a negative image onto yourself in the app community.

After reading negative comments, your initial reaction may be to justify your review or give an explanation as to why the app was scored poorly. This is a natural response, but it can be detrimental when dealing with the app’s developers. Should they read your response, they may take it as a sign of hostility and become defensive themselves. This can lead to unnecessary arguments that neither of you benefit from. If trying to explain your review in a non-confrontational manner seems too difficult, it’s best to not respond to the feedback at all. Always keep in mind that you are not the only person reviewing the app; there is no need to defend your response.

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